The Seven Most Essential and Powerful Tools for Spiritual Success

A workshop that's become so magnificent, I have to teach it in two parts!

Your search for answers is over

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Throughout my forty years of searching for answers along the spiritual path, I've felt desperation, intense loneliness and isolation as well as soul-crushing fear. I've experienced my share of failures. I've felt worthless, shameful, doubtful and guilty but after failing again and again and rising to continue my search I've compiled some of the most essential tools into a two-part workshop so everyone will have access to the techniques that have become the mainstay of my spiritual life.

It's time to stop searching for answers and find solutions

I want everyone to have a rocket ship that will lead straight to success. Instead of wandering in the desert for forty years accumulating knowledge through trial and error, like I did, I want to provide the essential teaching and tools that willmake every journey easier. I've had wonderful teachers, studied at the feet of masters and have read every book I could get my hands on so I could transform my life and then share what I've learned with all

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Join me, the angels, the ascended masters and all of the energetic realm

In partnership with the energetic realm, I'll provide a road map to success. It's not an overnight miracle, the spiritual path is a journey of growth that expands with knowledge. However, with practice, patience and perseverance that which is mysterious becomes clear.
In this two-part workshop, we'll lay a foundation of bedrock upon which a spiritual temple can be built. Not a worldly edifice that can be destroyed by strong winds but an inner landscape of such fortitude that weathering any storm becomes possible.

The ascension has brought forth everything that needs to be cleared and healed

We've entered deeply into the planetary ascension when old fears, negative thinking and limiting beliefs are being exposed. They're being brought to the surface of our awareness to be cleared, healed and replaced with higher thinking that serves the highest good of all.

During this two-part workshop, you'll discover how to release everything that's holding you, prisoner, as you learn to embrace the unconditional love that is pouring forth upon us.

Learn simple, easy and powerful solutions for every problem

I'm not going to share complicated rituals, formulas or use special materials. I've found that simple and easy have worked best for me so that's what I'll be sharing. Simple, easy, powerful solutions.

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Part One

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1 - Learn How To Gain Freedom From Anxiety, Phobias, Fears and Persistent Habits

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping is a must-have tool that should be included in every spiritual toolbox. Deep healing occurs from a place of calm centeredness but when an unpleasant event occurs, the first reaction is often one filled with negative emotional responses. Learn how to short-circuit the negative reactions and get to a calm place. By accessing the energy meridians throughout the body and discharging the frantic, nervous energy that's so disruptive.

Desperate energy makes it impossible to connect with Source

Every problem has a solution but the problem can never and will never be solved from a place of emotional turmoil. When energy becomes discordant, it causes separation from Source that makes it impossible to receive the very answers that are so desperately desired. The first course of action is to move from a place of desperation to a place of certainty. EFT will help take the edge off. 

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2 - Mastering the Art of Breathing Through the Heart

Heart-Breath - Breathing is essential to all energy work. Breathing assists with the body's ability to heal itself. Breathing is life itself. Remembering to be mindful of the breath throughout the day brings a sense of calm and well-being to every part of the body. Yet, just breathing isn't enough.

Heart-Breath will improve the effectiveness of every spiritual practice

When desiring to go deeper into meditation or to do any energy work successfully, the breath is paramountHeart-Breath will calm the body in a state of crisis. It will restore well-being to a body in need of healing. It will deepen the meditative state and improve the efficiency of any energy work.

Heart-breath joins the mind and the heart into a seamless unified whole that allows the entire being to become integrated into the healing work. It reduces resistance and enables the letting go process to be easy and painless.

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3 - Discover How To Cleanse and Make Right That Which Is Holding You, Prisoner

Ho'oponopono is a spiritual exercise developed by the Hawaiian culture that makes right or cleanses that which is wrong or is perceived to be wrong.

Forgiveness is a sacred act done for the empowerment of the self

Beginning with the self, the most important relationship in every life, it's time to make right or cleanse from each vibrational landscape that which has the appearance of wrong. Forgiveness is not an act done for another's well-being, it'sa sacred act done for the empowerment of the self. Keeping in mind that any thought, emotion or feeling generated must first pass from and then through the energetic field of its creator, it becomes easy to understand that all negative emotion generated will first affect the self before it can have any impact on another.

The use of Ho'oponopono clears the most important energetic field, one's self, and paves the way for better communication and relationships with others and the Divine. Negativity, limiting beliefs and trauma will dissolve in the gentle, welcoming atmosphere of unconditional love.

Receive the most powerful and essential spiritual tools you need for success for the small investment of $37.00 part one


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Part Two

We'll be building on the knowledge that's already been presented and going even deeper...

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4 - Learn How to Communicate Effectively With Everyone, No Matter How Difficult the Relationship

Angelic help for every relationship is available. The angels are an ever-present form of help. They help improve every relationship, those which are fraught with tension, discord and anger and even those relationships which are loving, kind and respectful. Every relationship will benefit from a deeper level of understanding. All relationships can move from roughs seas to an amicable truce. Not every relationship should be sustained but all relationships can be free of hatred.

The wounded ego will relinquish control when the angels provide loving assistance

Working within the sacred realm of the heart with the angels as guides and helpers we'll successfully navigate away from strife and into the flow of unconditional love. The highest good for all will not only be recognized, it will be willingly pursued by all parties. The wounded ego that seeks to always be right will give up control and seek the guidance of the higher self in a safe, non-threatening practice that calls upon and accepts the angels' assistance.

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5 - Discover How The Decisions of Today Will Affect the Future

It's time to fast forward to the future. Once harmony has been established within both the inner and outer landscape as well as within relationships, it'll be time to understand how to make decisions that ensure a balanced life. The most effective way to make a wise decision is to study the impact of that choice. This can be done with hindsight after the decision has been made and an observation of what occurred is possible but disaster may have already struck.

Make the right choice each and every time

One of the biggest benefits of the spiritual journey is to be able to get out in front of choices. To make the right choice each and every time and to feel absolutely certain about that choice. By fast forwarding to the future,the impact of every choice will become apparent in the immediate present, in three months, six months, a year and five years.

Finally, it will be possible to make decisions with confidenceunderstand the ramifications of that choice and choose a course of action based on the energetic signature of that choice instead of the limited information that may be available.

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6 - Learn How to Cut the Aka Cords That Bind and Release Negative Entanglements

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Every relationship and situation carries with it a vibrational resonance.  When it's a negative or traumatic situation a cord is created between both parties that allows a binding channel of negativity to remain open and flowing. Long after the relationship or situation has been resolved in the physical, the energetic resonance remains and continues to pour forth negativity into the energetic body. The continuous onslaught of negativity often results in feelings of hopelessness and despair that seem to have no origin. Causing a sense of isolation or despondency and the inability to make anything come out right no matter how many different attempts or tools are tried.

Archangel Michael will cut the cords of negativity and reinforce those of love

With the help of Archangel Michael those negative entanglements will be cut and only those which are life-giving and loving with remain. True freedom will be experienced when love is all that's received or allowed to remain in the energetic state. 

Cutting the Aka cords removes that which is negative and strengthens all that's positive so love flows freely as it empowers, strengthens and uplifts the spirit.

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7 - Discover The Island Of Renewal and Restoration That Heals, Fortifies and Protects

Join the angels on Rainbow Island for a full spiritual makeover. Being part of the physical experience is difficult and demanding on every level - mind, body and soul. Restoration is absolutely essential. However, true restoration isn't possible without first clearing the negative energy which caused the original dysfunction.

It's essential to journey within the heart to a magical place of restoration and renewal where every part of the being will have an opportunity to receive first the cleansing, then the healing and finally the restoration to its ultimate form that is sovital for continued soul growth and development.

The energy of unconditional love restores and renews

This time the angels will guide everyone in an exercise of re-birth. Once whole, having been released from pain and limitations, it will be time to expand the energy of unconditional love to form a protective shield both within and without that nurtures, protects and guides each person into greater and greater fullness. From this state of fullness, attaining and then maintaining the highest energetic vibration will become not only possible but easy. Living a life filled with love, joyand peace, which is the birthright of every person, will become your new operating program.

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Simple, easy spiritual tools that will supercharge your success

If you're ready to supercharge your spiritual journey.  Your tired of failing more often than you win and you want simple, easy spiritual tools that you can put to work in your life immediately, this two-part workshop will give you every tool you need to succeed. 

Receive the most powerful and essential spiritual tools you need for success for the small investment of $37.00 part two


Receive both intensive workshops Part One and Part Two for the low investment of $60.00.

Part one and two now available for immediate and unlimited access