Release Your Pain

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Tap into the power of unconditional love

Can you feel it? There's an enormous amount of high vibrational energy pouring forth onto the planet and it's challenging each one of us to let go. To let go of the pain, the negativity, the limiting beliefs and the unending battles we've been fighting with ourselves. Perhaps this energy has even left you feeling confused, off balance, tired or restless. If so how can it be of a high vibration? Because this energy's purpose is to get your attention. It's telling you it's time for you to take massive spiritual action to clear all of the negativity and restore yourself to a place of harmony. 

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The power of the eclipse is yours

In celebration of the total eclipse that occurred August 21st, I invite you to join me for a two-hour teleseminar as we release the pain, the blame, the shame and the doubt and usher in a state of rebirth and renewal. During this two hour telesminar we'll be doing a deep heart clearing to eliminate your biggest area of pain, that burden that has been dragging you down for far too long. Then we'll refill that newly, cleared space with the energy of transformation so you'll be free to move in whatever direction best serves your highest good. You'll have opened your heart to healing and you'll be free to soar. 

Experience the energy of the eclipse in it’s totality for just $21.00

Now available for immediate and unlimited access with all the original power intact

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Step into the your beingness and align with the Divine

This energy of release and renewal will only occur once in our lifetimes, so let's join together, magnify the effect and usher in a spirit of unity that focuses on the highest good for all. Ordinarily, I don't offer deep heart clearings in my classes, but as a special gift to you and in honor of this significant, spiritual event, I am opening my heart to you in a way I have never done before. 

In this class, you'll be shown and experience the exact technique I use exclusively with my private clients who pay me thousands of dollars for my expertise.

As the universe bestows its gift of energy onto all of us, I am sharing my gift of deep, heart clearing with all of you. 

Join me on for a spiritual experience that will not happen again in our lifetimes. Be ready to let go of pain, lay down your burdens and receive the unconditional love and spirit of renewal the universe wants to share with you.

Experience the energy in its totality for just $21.00

Now available for immediate and unlimited access