How to Stop Procrastinating

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Procrastination is more than a bad habit!

Procrastination is costing you more than you realize. It's costing you: time, peace of mind, joy, success and abundance. Procrastination isn't just putting something off until later. At its root, procrastination is the avoidance of your greatness. It's telling you a lie and making it easy for you to believe you're just not good enough, smart enough, strong enough or some other kind of enoughness.

Procrastination isn't working alone

Procrastination has an ally, fear. The fear that what we already are, what we already possess will never be enough to accomplish what we desire. This means that procrastination is much more than the habit of making excuses and putting something off. Procrastination is the denial of the abundance that already belongs to you.

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Saying "NO!" to all you could be

When you procrastinate you say, "NO," to all you could be and yes to all you feel unqualified or unworthy of receiving. However, the habit of procrastination didn't just appear out of the blue because your lazy, undisciplined or weak-willed. It's root formed long before the task appeared and it's been preventing you from achieving greatness.Once that root took hold in your energetic system you had no choice but to invent excuses to support your belief system.

Then there's the secret story

There's always the surface story of why not and then there's the secret story. The real reason why certain items on your to-do list aren't getting done.

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I believed I was just too lazy

Personally, I used to believe I was just too lazy to clean the house religiously and thought I could get by being neat and orderly but the house still felt grungy and I was left feeling guilty and disgusted with myself. I tried saying, Oh who cares," but that didn't stop me from feeling bad or sabotaging myself in other areas as payback for not getting things done that should have been done. It was a vicious circle of, "I want to but I'm not willing," that left me frustrated and annoyed.

Then my guides helped me discover the root source of my procrastination with simple, effective tools that enabled me to solve my problem. Once I understood what was causing the problem, I was completely amazed but now I'm delightfully free from procrastination! In the past, I wanted the result but not the label attached to my fear so I yo-yoed back and forth between being disgusted with myself and taking a whip to my backside (figuratively) so I'd get it done. 

Needless to say, I was never just happily getting it done, satisfied with my work or delighted by a fresh, clean house. There was always an underlying monologue of criticism going on in my head.

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Once I uncovered my secret story

Once I uncovered my secret story, my real fear, and used the tools I'm going to share with you, I was able to free myself from its talons. Now, I'm not exactly Merry Maids Cleaning Service but I feel good about myself and my home.

I no longer procrastinate, I just get it done without drama, delay or endless excuses. I feel lighter and brighter and I'm back in charge of my life. Now it's life on my terms, and on my time schedule.

It's time to eliminate procrastination

It's time to make things happen and just get it done. In this workshop, you'll learn how to say goodbye to the habit of procrastination forever.

  • First, you'll uncover what you're most afraid of

  • Second, you'll discover why this fear is controlling you

  • Third, you'll understand the story you've created to support this fear-based belief

  • Fourth, you'll examine why you feel compelled to keep telling this story. The story of why you can't, instead of why you can

  • Fifth, you'll clear the old, stale energy of why not and replace it with powerful, purposeful energy that states why you can

  • Sixth, you'll establish a clear goal/reward so you're actively seeking your highest good

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Understand the why

Until you understand the why and examine the wounds, the beliefs or experiences that created the belief, "I'm just not good enough," you're going to keep procrastinating, keep making excuses and keep denying your abundance and your greatness.

It's NOT your fault

It's not your fault but if you want to be all you came here to be it's your responsibility to find out why.

It's never too late to step into your abundance but until you uncover the reason you're procrastinating, you'll always be waiting for tomorrow.

Join me for a two-hour teleseminar that will set you free from procrastination so you can access your abundance. 

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Endless to-do lists won't get it done

Stop trying to solve the problem with endless to-do lists or stricter self-discipline. You'll only create more excuses, more reasons to rebel, put it off and feel bad about not getting it done. In this workshop you'll learn how to:

  • Stop enabling your weaknesses and say yes to your strengths.

  • Feel proud of yourself and your accomplishments

  • Liberate yourself from fear

  • Experience abundance instead of lack

  • Get it done instead of wondering why you can't

  • Eliminate feeling like a failure and step into your success

  • Begin saying, "Of course I can!" instead of listing all the reasons why you can't

Uncover your secret fear

It's time to uncover the secret fear that's holding you back and step into the abundant lifestyle you desire as you say goodbye to the habit of procrastination. 

Join me for a two-hour teleseminar, that will enable you to say, "YES!" to living an abundant life. 

Investment for this powerful and practical seminar is just $37.00.

Now available for immediate and unlimited access