How To Develop A Millionaire Mindset

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It's All In The Story

We all have a money story. A belief system that we use to determine the amount of money we allow to flow into our lives. When you have an abundance story you attract more money when you have a fear or lack story you push away the little that you do attract.

What's Your Money Story?

Do you believe money is scarce and hard to come by or plentiful and easily obtained?

Are you certain that money corrupts and rich people are evil?

Do you wish you had more money

Have you tried to attract more money and failed

Do you feel like giving up

Do you believe this statement: the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?

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My Money Story

     "Money is the root of all evil," thundered the pastor from the Sunday pulpit.

     "Money doesn't grow on trees," my parents stated emphatically every time I asked for something from the five and dime.

      "Money is powerful but you shouldn't want that kind of power. It's not polite to talk about money. Money corrupts," they proclaimed loudly at the dinner table.

Hmmm, I thought to myself, Money sure was getting a lot of attention for something that wasn't supposed to be talked about.

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Money, Money, Money! 

All I knew was I wanted my share and it sure didn't seem as if there was enough to go around.So now what?

Everything I knew about money was negative. 

All my beliefs surrounding money were fear based and filled with lack and desperation.

So, there I was feeling completely confused. I knew I wanted more money but I had no idea how to get it.

After all, I didn't want to be, "A bad girl! Go to hell or face eternal damnation," I just wanted what money could buy.

Pretty soon the wanting became a longing, then the longing became a yearning and finally,the yearning became desperation. 

And then the bottom fell out of my world. Overnight it seemed that I found myself consumed by debt and fear. As my situation got worse, my fear got bigger until I hit rock bottom.

I stayed at the bottom for a while feeling sorry for myself but eventually with nothing left and nowhere else to go, I began the slow climb back to the top. 

To that place where fear, worry and desperation are a thing of the past. My head is clear, my heart is free and I feel better than ever before. I want you to feel that way too!

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I Want You to Know The Truth About Money!

In partnership with the angels, the ascended masters and the energetic realm I've created a Millionaire Mind Blueprint.

 What the Millionaire Mind Doesn't Do To Acquire More Money

It doesn't try to make more money by working harder. Hard work may be necessary but it's not the answer.

It doesn't work longer hours trying to make more money. Long hours may be necessary some of the time but they're not the answer.

It doesn't even look for a better paying job to acquire more money. A better paying job may help but it's not the answer.

The only thing that will allow you to make more money and keep it is:

Creating a better relationship with money

As long as you're afraid of money, believe that it's evil, bad, corrupt or more powerful than you are, you're never going to be able to hold onto the money you make. 

Even if you do end up making more money, you'll just create a disaster, an unexpected bill or some other way to rid yourself of all that evil money.

Before I understood the millionaire mind I was working three jobs just to make ends meet. Now I work from my home and work only the hours I want to work.

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How the Millionaire Mind Acquires More Money

  • The millionaire mind has made friends with money

  • It's not afraid of money

  • It's not coming from a place of lack, desperation or fear

  • It understands and speaks the language of money

  • It knows the truth about money and has rejected the lies

  • It's not waiting for someday to make more money

  • It has no limiting beliefs about money

  • It's cleared and healed all past money trauma

  • It has a beneficial money contract

  • It knows there always more than enough money

  • It's in right standing with the Divine

  • It has permission to make as much money as is desired

  • It understands power  and uses it to make money easily

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What You'll Learn

In this class, we'll acquire a millionaire mind. We'll bust the money myths that have been holding you hostage. Reframe those worn out beliefs to support your prosperity mindsetClear and heal trauma from past money issues and quantum jump into an alternative reality in which you're already prosperous. Create a monthly money manifesting ceremony. We'll be using simple, practical tools that are easy to use but amazingly powerful. By the end of thisclass you'll have an empowered belief system that says, "Yes! to money" as well as an understanding of how to attract money to you in a steady stream. You'll have re-established your power over money and you'll have placed yourself in a new money paradigm.

Are you ready to acquire the Millionaire Mind?

Join me for a two-hour teleseminar.

Investment in your future abundance is just $37.00

Now available for immediate and unlimited access

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Become Prosperous In Every Area Of Your Life

In this workshop, we'll be creating a sacred, energetically correct relationship with money that will bless you and your family for years to come. The techniques I share are evergreen and can be used over and over again to reinforce an optimal mindset regarding every area of your life. Afterall, abundance is not just limited to money. This class will help you become prosperous in every area of your life.

If you're satisfied with where you are, what you're earning and how your living then please don't take this class. This workshop is life changing and reality-altering so if you want the same old, same old don't invest in your success.

However, if you're ready to propel yourself to the top, so you can help yourself, your loved ones and others in need than you have to understand how to generate enough money to make a difference. This class will show you how. Remember, you can only help others if you have enough money to pay for goods and services. Otherwise, it's just wishful thinking.

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Everything You Need To Succeed

I want to make sure you have everything you need to succeed so I'm including some bonus materials that will ensure your success.

In addition to this powerful interactive workshop, you'll receive two bonuses.

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Bonus One - Class review notes and instructions for all of the information you've learned so you can keep a strong, positive mindset as well as a great relationship with money. Now you never have to worry about remembering how to do anything. It's all provided for you in clear, concise notes.

Bonus Two  - It takes 21 days to change a habit. In class, we'll have cleared, healed and transformed the energy around money but it will take 21 days to reinforce your new beliefs and make them a habit. Therefore, you'll receive 21 days of abundance affirmations, a new one every day, in your inbox for the next 21 days. You'll learn how to think, talk and act like a millionaire so you naturally accept and say "Yes!" to all the abundance that's now entering your life.

If you're tired of just getting by and you're ready to take your abundance to the next level and acquire the Millionaire Mind, join me for a two-hour teleseminar

Investment in your financial freedom is just $37.00.

Now available for immediate and unlimited access

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It's Your Journey, Make It Abundant

This is not a get rich quick class

There are no magic wands that will change your world overnight.

This is not a bunch of hype about made up information. Spiritual principles are real and if applied correctly they will bring consistent, measurable results.

Your level of success depends on you. No one can do it for you. You must commit to your own journey.

However, if you consistently and persistently apply spiritual principles you'll make progress, you'll have the opportunity to achieve your dreams and you'll find joy.

Money Is Not Scarce!

No One Is Keeping It From You!

You're Not Cursed With Bad Luck!

However, right now you may be fighting a losing battle with money because of your limiting beliefs or past programming. 

If you've had enough heartache and you want to be financially free join me for a two-hour teleseminar. 

Investment in your financial freedom is just $37.00

Now available for immediate and unlimited access

The only way to get rich and stay that way is to develop the Millionaire Mindset. 

The Millionaire MIndset enjoys a healthy, friendship with money. 

It recognizes what money can and cannot do for it and it knows how to attract a steady stream of abundance so you'll never again have to be afraid of not having enough money.