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Today, I’m a bestselling author, I host a popular radio show, Healing Hearts Podcast on Angel Heart Radio and I’m a spiritual life coach who helps people recover from the emotional pain and trauma they’ve experienced in the past but that’s not the way I started…

When I first began my own journey down the path of self-realized  empowerment I was stunned to discover that I was responsible not only for the events occurring in my life but also for the thoughts that I was thinking.

My first reaction was disbelief, after all my thoughts were random and chaotic so how could I possibly be expected to control them? My inner dialogue went something along the lines of, “This can’t be right, it’s way too hard. A loving source would never ask me to do anything this difficult.” Chuckling over the absurdity of it all, I then asked the universe to show me an easier way.

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The response was almost overwhelming. It seemed as though only a heartbeat had passed before I was given what I had asked for.

My life fell apart as I was given opportunities, circumstances and people who showed me how my thoughts were determining my reality. I went from one disaster to the next, until I began to accept and assume responsibility for my life. Slowly but surely, as I learned, practiced and consistently applied spiritual principles, the lessons became less painful and more proactive and I began to grow. Many years later, I have mastered my thoughts, harnessed my energy and see how utterly easy and truly simple the process could have been.

It's now my extreme honor and privilege to guide you toward living the life of your dreams. I'll use simple techniques and easy to understand methods to help you let go of the past and release your fears as well as your frustrations so you, too, can have harmonious relationships in every area of your life.

Join me as we step out of condemnation and into congratulations for your courageous decision to take charge of your life. You are unique, you are divine and you are now awakening to your perfection and power.

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