Heal Your Heart and Transform Your Life
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Angel Heart Healing

Release your greatest fear so you can achieve your biggest dream by healing your heart and transforming your life

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Put the power of the spiritual realm to work in your life with Angel Heart Healing.


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Heal your Heart - Transform your life!


Coaching From the Heart

As your heart healer, I’ll help you let go of the pain, trauma, limiting beliefs and negative thinking that have held you prisoner in the past. It’s time for you to heal from the emotional pain you’ve endured so you can thrive. I work with the angels in the energetic realm of the heart to help you transform your life and find joy. Shame, blame and self-recrimination may be part of your life today but they don’t belong there.

You can heal from the pain. You can recover from the trauma. You can enter into a life of love and happiness when you clear and heal your heart.

Classes From the Heart

Every lifetime is a new opportunity to learn more about your spiritual self. Classes are a fun, easy way to deepen your knowledge and relationship with the Divine while gaining wisdom that will last a lifetime.

The class in this video is from my free, 28 Day series about how to make the angels a daily part of your life and experience love and joy like never before. This mini-class offers an easy and effective way to talk with the angels and how to ask them for help.


Community from the Heart

The spiritual journey is better with friends. Join our community of loving hearts and share your journey. When you join the community you’ll have the opportunity to participate in three different levels of engagement that offer every person and every budget the help you need to advance your personal, spiritual journey. You’ll receive special benefits and bonuses that are designed to uplift and support you through your triumphs and trials. You’ll receive the tools and guidance you need to release limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and past trauma so you can experience daily joy.

You may cancel at any time, there are no contracts and there’s no long term commitment just the opportunity to commune with the heavenly angels as well as earthly angels to bring love, joy and peace into your life. 

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Twenty-Eight Days of Love from the Heart Healer

You deserve to be loved and to love yourself just as you are. Join me for 28 Days and 28 Ways to Love.

Did you know that one of the most important things you can do for yourself is to learn how to love every part of yourself, not just the parts of you that feel and/or look good?

Over the course of my 40 year journey to spiritual joy, learning to love myself was painful and difficult. But I don't want you to have to go through the heartache I've experienced so I'm offering this free, audio course to help you fall in love with all of you.

Your Belief Creates Your Reality

During our 28 days together you'll hear the story of the children who changed my life and taught me that what you believe to be true is much more important than your current reality. You'll learn 28 methods of transformation and receive 28 daily affirmations in support of your new beliefs and because these recordings are located inside our community you can listen to them as often as you like. 

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The Healing Hearts Podcast

Practical Spirituality

Dynamic Spiritual Tips and Tools That Solve Real World Problems

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